Tell Georgetown to Nix Club that Teaches Students How to Kill Unborn Babies With Vacuum


    Catholic Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. is allowing a radical pro-abortion club to operate on campus: Medical Students for Choice.  Its mission:  To train “tomorrow’s abortion providers…”

    Every pro-lifer should urge the university to close the club.  For the record, this is how Medical Students for Choice describe their activities:

    • “Many MSFC [Medical Students for Choice] chapters host a ‘Papaya Workshop’, a hands-on training session using fruit to simulate a uterus, to teach students the basic concepts of Manual Vacuum Aspiration.”
    • “Learn to perform an abortion using this quiet, portable technology,” continues the Medical Students for Choice Facebook page.
    • “At the end, Dr. Costescu-Green will give a special demo of a 2nd trimester abortion using dilation and evacuation simulators. This is a great session to bring back to your campus.”

    In other words — the Medical Students for Choice clubs teach students how to kill unborn babies… With a crude vacuum.

    Which begs the question:  How can a Catholic university such as Georgetown allow this club to operate on campus when its public mission is to train medical students how to kill innocent and defenseless unborn babies?