WATCH: Armed Thug Picks The WRONG 62-Year-Old Man To Rob… Learns Painful...

WATCH: Armed Thug Picks The WRONG 62-Year-Old Man To Rob… Learns Painful Lesson!


This thug just made the worst choice in his criminal career. He literally picked the wrong 62-year-old driver to rob.

The dumb thug got a few hot slugs for Christmas when the older driver blasted the him with his own gun.

That’s what happens when the public is armed with their own weapons for protection.

According to police spokesmen, the armed robber had a grenade and extra ammo in his backpack for the weapon he was carrying.

The robber survived to continue his criminal career, and the driver is doing time because in Argentina carrying a firearm is illegal.


Unfortunately the robber survived and even worse – the real victim is doing time for the illegal gun.

There’s so much wrong with that situation.

If the 62-year-old man wasn’t armed and able to protect himself, then he may have been shot during the attempted robbery.

So an innocent man is supposed to get robbed because a dirtbag thug doesn’t know how to act like a decent human being? That’s messed up.

If you shoot a criminal, then you should get a reward, not a jail sentence.

I’m really glad that I don’t live in Argentina. Some of the women there look like Heaven’s angels, but I don’t think I could handle their “bass ackwards” Argentinian laws.

There’s something wrong when the victim is in prison and the criminal is out thieving from innocent people.

Crime slows down when the citizens of any area remain armed and protected. Robbers often look for weak liberal men, females, or the elderly to rob or attack.

If a lowife dirtbag thug knows that anyone, at any given time, could be holding a loaded weapon – they might be less likely to rob someone. The smart criminals don’t want to get shot. They know it’s not worth it.

Except in Argentina, it seems like they don’t care about the rights of the people in regards to criminals with weapons. If they did care about the protection of the civilians, from the crooks,

then we wouldn’t need the laws and people would govern themselves.

We all know strict gun laws don’t work because criminals don’t follow laws.

On that note, I hope Pedro is released soon and I’m extremely glad he shot the robber in the pecker.

That guy may not be poking around much anymore, if you catch my drift.